About us

Serbatic is a company founded in 2006, specialized in the efficient provision of Professional Information Technology and Communications Services to large companies, consultants and members of the technology sector, both in person and through our production centers.


Our application development and maintenance services will allow you to efficiently meet your company's IT needs. We employ three service provision models, from being present at the customer's offices (OnSite) to full off-site services (OffSite) and hybrid approaches.

Qualified technological resources

We provide companies with highly qualified professionals. Recruiting isn’t easy, due to candidate scarcity and market competition. We are experts at finding talented professionals who are highly specialized in traditional technologies like SAP, .NET, Cobol, Java, etc. as well as less common technologies.

Why Serbatic?

Serbatic has access to an extremely competitive market niche in which experience is a very important factor when providing our clients with the best resources.

Technology Center in Cuenca

Instead of waiting for people to move to where the business is, we bring the business where the talent is.

Technology Center in Zamora

Serbatic Zamora has become a key element of our capacity to carry out projects and provide services thanks to their professionals, who are highly specialized in cutting-edge technologies.

Join our team

At Serbatic, we are constantly looking for professionals interested in joining our young, dynamic and fast-growing team to develop a strong professional career with us.

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Our Location

Avda. Europa, 1. Edificio B, Planta 1. 28108 Alcobendas, Madrid

Our Location (Cuenca)

C/ Hurtado de Mendoza, 1 3ª pl – 16004 Cuenca


+ (34) 918 966 400

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