Innovation for the development of the companies of the future

Who we are

About Serbatic

Serbatic is a company specialising in the efficient provision of IT Services to large companies, consultancies and integrators in the technology sector, both on-site and through our production centres.

We don’t just solve problems. We bring innovation and simplicity to companies’ development to boost the growth of people.

Our history began in March of 2006. The idea behind Serbatic was to incorporate helpdesk profiles into the company to solve the need for the efficient provision of Professional IT Services to large companies, consultants and integrators of the technology sector, both in person and through our production centres.

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Our mission

To be a reference in application maintenance, within the VASS, based on efficiency, creating a network of delivery centres for VASS and adopting AI and automation technologies in our Service.

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Looking to the future

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We already are more than 430 employees responding to the needs of our customers, applying Agile and adaptable methodologies with both remote and client teams throughout different locations.

Our values



Innovation and constant search for new technologies and methodologies to add greater value to our commercial offer.



Our main objective is to respond to the needs of our customers by offering the best possible experience in the service provided.



We are aware of the market’s demands, which is why speed, flexibility and quality are intrinsic values in our methodology.



Talent is where our fundamental value lies and what makes us different.